We have released a new version of the ISDS Connector!

Czech Post operates the Data Mailbox Information System (ISDS) which enables communication between public authorities and both legal entities and natural persons. This communication takes place in form of data messages. These messages are stored in the ISDS system for 90 days.

Companies are often uncomfortable with the basic ISDS functionalities and want to download the messages into their internal systems. And this the task for IXTENT ISDS Connector which mediates the integration between the ISDS and company’s internal systems. This product is not implemented specifically for one particular system, but – using so-called “providers” – it can communicate with any system for which a provider is implemented.

What is the IXTENT ISDS Connector?

The IXTENT ISDS Connector solution enables you to work with data messages from virtually any organization in the Czech Republic. It is a universal and independent server solution that can interconnect the Czech Post’s Data Mailbox Information System with corporate applications for working with data messages. Users no longer have to log into the ISDS and manually download or send data messages or process them outside the company system.

Data Box and ISDS Connector

A fundamentally upgraded version

And because the world is constantly moving forward and the demand for our solution is growing, we have worked hard over the past 5 years to improve it. The solution has been completely rewritten to support a new, more robust architecture that will now allow for more flexible problem solving and more agile solution development in the future. Version 5, which we have released, is a full-fledged upgrade which starts a new era of this product.

The latest version 5.1 of the ISDS Connector brings many new features such as:

  • support for logging into ISDS using a user certificate or a hosted records management certificate,
  • XSLT support up to version 3.0,
  • ability to define a proprietary key for passwords encryption,
  • public holiday generator for exceptions to scheduled downloads and uploads,
  • and many others.

All third-party components have been updated to the latest versions and the web administration has received a major facelift.

The IXTENT ISDS Connector is a successful product that serves customers such as Modrá pyramida, Rossmann, Pražská teplárenská, PPF, Philip Morris International, DB Schenker and many others.

Are you interested in this solution? Do you want to figure out how to work more efficiently with messages from data mailboxes? Do not hesitate to contact our team by e-mail: sales@ixtent.com.