On 25 June 2018 we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the founding of IXTENT, which is owned exclusively by Czech capital. Let’s look back at the development of the company, and what it has implemented for its customers over the years…

IXTENT was founded as a result of the long-term strategy of IXOS (now OpenText) to strengthen customer care, focus on provided consulting services, and clearly separate them from the activities of the local development center of IXOS. During its operation on the market, IXTENT has built a quality team of dedicated consultants, process analysts, developers, technical and application consultants who have carried out hundreds of large-scale projects for major clients from all sectors of the economy. An example of a successful implementation from the energy sector is a comprehensive solution for the settlement of invoices in the SAP R/3 environment for E.ON. For the automotive segment – Robert Bosch – IXTENT implemented an e-mail archiving system. The company HOPI, from the transport and logistics sector, asked us to implement SAP R/3 data archiving. A reference from the chemical industry is Unilever and their requirement for an efficient electronic workflow system for invoicing. But there is so much more behind us, read about more implemented projects in the References section.
The IXTENT Group provides its customers with services and solutions to manage information stored in documents, processes, digital media, social networks, websites, and enterprise systems. It helps companies maintain their unique know-how and effectively process important business information.

Competition is a big part of digitization, why should you cooperate with us?

  • Fifteen years of know-how;
  • Gold partnership with OpenText; Partnership with SAP and many others;
  • Certified company;
  • Qualified consultancy services; Available capacity of certified staff; References from satisfied customers from across Europe, the Middle East and around, more than 500 ECM projects;
  • Individual approach – software customization based on client requirements;
  • Fast communication – Immediate processing of requests;
  • Language readiness (communication in English, German, Russian, Czech or Slovak);
  • Branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia;
  • Demo examples of the proposed solutions;
  • Meetings at the client’s premises; Training of users;
  • Superior user support; Regular maintenance of systems.

This is how time went by at IXTENT …

2003 – IXTENT is established in the form of a management buy-out of the OpenText branch in Prague. Most of the existing OpenText employees in Prague transfer the IXTENT and most local customers of OpenText to the IXTENT Support Center.

2004 – The result of the planned expansion to the Slovak market is the foundation of the subsidiary company IXTENT Slovakia;

2005 – The first project on the Microsoft SharePoint platform is performed. Due to its technological dependence on one software developer (OpenText), this is an important step in implementing the intention to build a technology-independent implementation and consulting company.

2006 – IXTENT is continuously strengthening its position on the Czech and Slovak markets and continues to expand its markets in Poland, Romania and other Central and Eastern European countries.

2007 – As a result of the growing strategy, IXTENT has multiplied its turnover and workforce since its inception. Another key technology partnership is concluded with IBM/Filenet and active entry to Russian, Bulgarian and Turkish markets.

2008 – For the third time in a row, IXTENT is awarded the “Best Performing Partner CEE” award from the global OpenText corporation, the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Content Management. The award reflects IXTENT’s position as an innovative and successful solution provider on the OpenText platform in Central and Eastern Europe.

2009 – SAP and IXTENT officially announce the signing of an agreement, based on which IXTENT acquires the status of SAP Services Partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. IXTENT becomes the preferred SAP implementation partner for delivering solutions for data archiving and document management.

2010 – IXTENT obtains official certification for the supply of ReadSoft SAP Invoice Cockpit Suite and becomes the only supplier in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with this certification.

2011 – As an innovative supplier of paperless solutions, IXTENT brings to the Czech and Slovak markets Dynamic Biometric Signature technology for the trustworthy integration of handwritten signatures in the electronic process, and is the co-author of the related local legislation in line with EU directives.

2012 – We are proud of references from such illustrious names as Unipetrol, DB Schenker, SkyToll, EvoBus and many others.

2013 – IXTENT, a member of the IXTENT Group, receives the Dun & Bradstreet Top Rating® award. It achieves the highest international rating and becomes a member of the elite group of 2% stable Czech and Slovak companies.

2014 –Specialized mobile applications are created as part of the implemented solutions.

2015 – IXTENT becomes a partner of the company unblu inc., which provides solutions for online interactive communication and sharing of information between visitors and website owners.

2016 – IXTENT becomes a partner of OpenText at GOLD level, meaning we are now a supplier at the highest partner level in the region.

2017 – The status of a gold partnership with OpenText is maintained, confirming the highly professional work in the field of ECM with the leading technology on the market.

2018 – We employ another 50 people. Another in-house product is launched on the market (IXTENT Smart Document Flow), which extends Document Management System capabilities and also adapts the processed documents to the requirements of personal data protection according to the GDPR.

We will continue to inform you about what will come in the second half of 2018 and in the years to come through our newsletter, website, or social networking site. Thank you for your support.