IXTENT Company, the leading independent provider of DMS and ECM solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, announced result of his financial year 2009. The company has reach total turnover of 52 million CZK.

“IXTENT in 2009 reached the same turnover as in the previous year”, said Vít Svoboda, Executive Director of IXTENT. “Because of current economy situation where many companies freezes IT investments, we see this result as a success.”

Company IXTENT for 2009 has won several new major customers, such as Skytoll – operator of electronic toll collection system, Slovak Republic, Biocel Paskov, Respect, VUT Brno and others.

IXTENT in the financial year, strengthened strategic partnerships with Open Text, SAP and Microsoft, and launching a new collaboration sfirmou Adobe Systems.

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Marketing Manager
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IXTENT s.r.o.

IXTENT s.r.o. represents the technology Enterprise Content Management in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania and is one of the largest suppliers of archival systems, DMS and WCM technology markets in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers services for managing electronic and “paper” documents, their contents (Document Management System – DMS, Content Management System – CMS, Business Process Management – BPM, Web Content Management – WCM, Email Management, etc.), technology intelligent optical recognition of text hard copy and digitization (OCR / ICR), archiving data and documents on the internet and corporate information systems, consultancy services related to the implementation of these systems delivery and implementation of complex solutions. More information about the company visit www.ixtent.com