“IXTENT is a company with a great team that is gradually growing. It’s good to learn from the best and gain experience on various projects.”

What is the scope of my work?

My role is to manage projects focused on delivery of solutions for a particular customer. We usually supply implementation projects, where the standard product is tailored and adapted exactly according to the customer’s needs in order to automate processes and facilitate specific users’ work. I am also the head of our project department and ensure that my colleagues have everything they need to achieve the best results.

What brought me to IXTENT?

IXTENT was recommended to me by a former colleague and friend who had a good experience with them. I sent them my CV, went through several interviews, and after finishing work at my former employer, I joined IXTENT.

What do I most look forward to at work?

When I was still studying, I couldn’t quite imagine that I would be sitting at a computer all the time, so I was looking for a position where I could be at least partially in touch with other people. I look forward to meetings with customers and to solving various problems with colleagues. I like to overcome various challenges that are an inherent part of every project, as they always move me a little bit forward and complement my knowledge or communication skills.

Why would I recommend IXTENT to others?

I would definitely recommend IXTENT because of the good team. People still help each other even when they are overloaded and have a lot of work. The company invests massively into the development of individual employees, with special focus on their technical knowledge and presentation and communication skills. I was very pleased and surprised after the first training, where I had a chance to try a realistic scene with an unpleasant customer.