Marek Michl works at IXTENT as a team leader of OpenText consultants – but his path to this position led through software development, where he participated in the development of the internal product Smart Document Flow. What he enjoys the most about IXTENT are his colleagues, the working atmosphere and last but not least the new challenges that his work keeps bringing him.

What did you do before you joined IXTENT?

After my studies, I tried several shorter opportunities in data analytics.

What was your career path to IXTENT?

Compared to the academic world, the approach to the field of data analytics in commercial practice was strongly demotivating for me. So I decided to change direction and chose software development.

How has your position at IXTENT changed since your first day?

I started as a junior developer. I’ve been fortunate to participate in projects where I’ve learned a lot not only about the development, but also about the company. This allowed me to pass on my experience as a deputy Team Head in the OTEX development team. This year the company put their trust in me and offered me the current position of Team Head of OTEX Consulting.

What do you like about IXTENT?

Diversity and new challenges. And also the colleagues and working atmosphere.

Where do you see IXTENT’s greatest benefits and where do you see your own mission here?

IXTENT offers the opportunity to be a member of a professional team of DMS specialists. My mission is to participate in this vision.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

Maintaining and expanding the department’s quality standards. Working with people, sharing experiences and moving the team forward.

If you had to pick 1 or 2 projects that you/your team are really proud of, which ones would they be and why?

Although our business is almost exclusively project-based, we also have our own IXTENT products. I would point out the Smart Document Flow, where a relatively small team of developers managed to create a complex and robust product that is now a standard part of our project deliveries.

What is your biggest achievement at IXTENT?

Partial successes come and go, but personally I consider my greatest success to be that I enjoy working at IXTENT, it always brings new challenges and motivates me to further growth both professionally and personally.

If you were to recruit a newcomer to your team, how would you introduce the team and IXTENT as whole?

We have a cool atmosphere and nice people here. You can learn a lot here if you want to.

From the IT perspective, where do you see the future?

Personally, I’m curious about developments in artificial intelligence. Both in terms of practical applications and in theoretical/academic terms.

What makes you happy in life?

When the things I do make sense to me.

How do you relax?

Cycling, running and time with family.

What is your life motto?

Live and let live.