“I believe that if anything works right, there is no need to change it. Right to me in this context means that I like going to work, I don’t freeze on the spot, I am surrounded by people who I enjoy working with and who I appreciate and experience success with.”

How long have you been working at IXTENT? What was your journey to the company, where did you hear about it?

I am at IXTENT for 13 years without a break. The journey to IXTENT was a large coincidence – I was at a golf tournament with one of IXTENT’s owners, Vít Svoboda. After the game we exchanged contacts and I subsequently found out that I was studying and interested in exactly what IXTENT was doing. As they say, you can’t make it up. Then it went fast – lunch, interview, start working.

Why did you decide to stay in the same company for so many years? This is not very common these days…

I believe that if anything works right, there is no need to change it. Right to me in this context means that I like going to work, I don’t freeze on the spot, I am surrounded by people who I enjoy working with and who I appreciate and experience success with…. I also very much appreciate loyalty, dedication and the ability to become a leader in my field, so I have no problem to combine a career with a single company. HR agencies may not agree 🙂

How would you “lure” people interested in working at IXTENT, what is different and good here?

A combination of the benefits of a small and large company –people do not have to sit and polish the handles in a corporation to work for the most important companies in the European market on the highest quality SW platforms.

Are you more satisfied with the new role of Sales Director than the position of Account Manager/Businessperson? Isn’t it like a headmaster that misses teaching and contact with children?

With hindsight I’d say yes. The role is different, sometimes more stressful, but thanks to the people around me, I can handle it. However, this does not mean that I don’t sometimes trade 🙂

Do you take the fact that you “worked ” on your current position as a benefit or not? I mean the fact that colleagues had to get used to your change in position 🙂

I’m definitely happier that it happened like that than if it fell into my lap. Likewise, I do not think that the position of Sales Director could be done by someone who did not go through classical account management. I certainly do not perceive this as something special in terms of my colleagues, on the contrary, it is a natural development and a tendency in IXTENT to gradually develop into a management position.

Can you generally characterize your ideal customer?

Well, that’s simple – it’s someone who buys everything I offer them! …… .No, but seriously – customers choose us because we are the ideal choice for them at the time. Why should I have it differently?

You are a very successful businessman. How do you “roll over” your competition? Why do you think a particular client choses you/IXTENT, what is your/our added value?

A strong sales department has always been the basis of IXTENT’s success, compounded by the fact that we focus primarily on the commercial sector. Every businessperson is to a certain extent self-sufficient and has different merits and business techniques. I have always built on expertise, competence and an individual approach, often beyond normal job responsibilities. Customers looking for real value appreciate this.

Due to your wide experience, are you able to guess how typical tenders will turn out in advance?

Well, that would be great… People still sell to people, and things can be predicted in advance based on syndromes or behavioral patterns. I’m is still learning, with estimates I was previously on 5 %, today I see it as more around 20 % 🙂

Is there such thing as a “business intuition”? (… or do you not believe in it and are you a pure pragmatist?)

Of course it exists, it has even flown around me a few times…. But that does not rule out my pragmatism.

Do emotions have their place in business?

Is it possible without them? How is this done? 🙂

Is there a direct relation between the amount of effort put into an offer and the result – the project? Not always, I suppose… 🙂

This is usually the case for bombers a good businessperson thinks twice to whom he dedicates his limited time. I look at it pragmatically – I believe that where I try hard and spend my time, I increase the probability of success.

How intoxicating is the feeling of winning a new project? 🙂

Just like any other success you want. And you want it again and again and again, it won’t get boring.

How do you deal with losses (for potential customers)?

I’m getting better, before I couldn’t deal with it. But if I learn a lesson from every loss, I will be glad for it one day. So from time to time, losing is actually pretty healthy.

Why should customers choose IXTENT as their DMS supplier?

Well, perhaps because they want to sleep in peace 🙂 There are 1000 and one reasons. Most often it is the robustness of the platform, the experience of the people at IXTENT, our references, our narrow specialization, our individual and non-corporate approach, and our pleasant Sales Director, etc.

What is the funniest experience you have had at IXTENT?

I can’t just let it out like that, it’s too confidential :-). But I’d be happy to tell new colleagues about it, after their probationary period.

And a client?

Well, I definitely couldn’t say 🙂

Now from a personal angle… Will you push your children towards an IT profession in the future?

Certainly not. I think they have to find their own way. If they decide to opt for IT, then they will get the maximum of support from their family. IT, like any other industry or sport, can be enjoyable and fulfilling. And by coercion, albeit implicit, one can only spoil it.

Do you stay cool, do you have any tips on how to effectively relieve stress?

I have golf for that – but not as often as I would like. The occasional gastro experience also works well. Otherwise, I very much want to have common hobbies with my children, when they grow up a little, so we can have a stressful time together :-).

A magic lamp – what would you wish for?

A cave full of magic lamps!