“IXTENT also gives young, less-experienced people opportunities. The conditions are simple: they know what they want and are willing to work for it and constantly improve. This is a fair agreement between the two parties.”

What is the scope of my work?

Sell, sell, sell… I’m a sales representative. This means that, in an ideal case, I try to be “in the right place at the right time”. My job is to understand what the customer needs and how I can help him get that. When I succeed, a whole demanding process starts which defines my success and, ultimately, the fulfillment of my sales quota. It’s nothing complicated. In my opinion, one just needs to be patient, be a good listener, and have an sense for detail. One can imagine this as team preparing a multi-page offer and its subsequent presentation. When I’m better than others, then it’s time to fine-tune the technical details and of course also to negotiate the price. Who’s more prepared usually wins. Day-to-day activities naturally include care of existing clients, regular market research, follow-up activities for completed projects, maintaining a general overview, self-education, etc.

What brought me to IXTENT?

At one point, I realized that I was too young to get up for a job every morning that didn’t make me happy. I was frustrated with the corporate environment and I wanted a change. So I started looking for something promising and through a friend from Crossfit I got a tip for a vacancy that met my initial requirements and at the same time was really interesting for me. I arranged an interview and met one of IXTENT’s executives. In the end, we shook hands and I started building my new career in the IT sector a few weeks later.

What do I most look forward to at work?

For the Christmas party, haha. But since it’s only once a year, I had to find other motivations. In my case, it is the demanding process that I mentioned earlier. I like challenges and from the perspective of my position, each new business case is exceptional in its specific way. That, of course, suits me and I like working with people. I believe that something new can be learned from everyone, and this allows me to move further both personally and professionally.

Why would I recommend IXTENT to others?

It is a fact that technological progress is growing exponentially and will not stop anytime soon. On a daily basis, I encounter the topics of industrial automation, ecology and savings, business innovation, etc. The pace is uncompromising. A company that falls asleep will not survive. So who else has a better outlook into the future than IXTENT, which has been actively involved in B2B in this field for more than 16 years and is one of the top companies in the CEE region? And if you combine it with a friendly team and, so to speak, a family approach from the management and colleagues, you would hardly find a similar company.