“He who does not want, seeks reasons; whoever wants, seeks ways. I always wanted to be a marketing specialist. I have been living my professional dream for nine years now and I still enjoy it. I started with marketing in the construction industry, continued in the healthcare sector, and now I am discovering the secrets of IT at IXTENT.”

What is the scope of my work?

Bring creativity to the dull gray of ones and zeros Now a little more detail… As part of our business activities, I help colleagues win customers – by organizing innovative technology-oriented meetings, organizing inspiring tech webinars, creating newsletters rich in content, devising irresistible mailing campaigns , creating playful IT graphics, designing educational leaflets, animating software solutions, ensuring participation at IT conferences, organizing original customer events, developing web presentations, managing social networks, devising teambuilding events, supporting charitable activities, maintaining business relations with embassies and chambers of commerce…

What brought me to IXTENT?

It was completely unplanned – I read a job offer on my former neighbor shared on their Facebook page. Why did I react? I was attracted by the possibility of combining my professional and private lives. IXTENT allows parents of smaller children to adapt their work rhythm to the family – whether by flexible working hours or the option to work from home. This is a significant added value for me.

What do I most look forward to at work?

The relaxed atmosphere, nice colleagues – one can come to anyone here with anything. We are one team, all for one – one for all, and we grow together…

Why would I recommend IXTENT to others?

As I got older, I came to the conclusion that it was “vital” for me to work with people and for people who have a “straight back”, i.e., lead the company to prosperity, always act honestly, can praise and reward anyone who really deserves that, who don’t play behind-the-scenes games… Another motivation for me was to work for the market leader in the field of digital transformation. Through the corporate content management systems, we help companies to increase efficiency, prosperity and competitiveness and this makes sense to me… IXTENT is a purely Czech company, it has delivered 500 projects to 300 renowned customers in 27 countries around the world. It has a portfolio of top-class software products…It’s nice to be a part of it.