Today, a company’s website can serve as a full-fledged sales tool and often is the place where a potential customer meets the company for the first time. The objective of every business is to engage the website visitor and provide them with the information they are looking for. If this does not happen, the potential customer leaves for competition.

On-line personalized communication
With Unblu solution, communicating and sharing content with the visitors of your company website is as easy as meeting them in person in your office. Guide them through the website, help them with search or with completing various web-based forms, answer their questions, or share additional information and documents. Turn the visitors of your website into satisfied customers who will be always happy to return to you.

Use all benefits that Unblu offers to your advantage:

  • Synchronized website browsing – the website visitor and operator can share the same view of the web pages and browse them in a synchronous way. There is no easier navigation throughout the website!
  • On-line text, audio, and video communication – move the benefits of the personal communication to the internet! No question will remain unanswered!
  • Sharing and synchronized browsing of documents – share documents, browse and edit them together. All information you need always at your hand!
  • Security in conformity with corporate or legislative requirements – Unblu is used by banks, insurance companies, on-line stores and other institutions that require the highest level of security. The visitor or operator can only share the selected content. Everything else remains protected and invisible.
  • No need for installation – start using Unblu instantly. There is no need for lengthy software or add-on installation on the side of the visitor and/or website operator. Provide instant help and support!
  • Available on any device, operating system, or browser.
  • Appearance tailored to your requirements – adapt Unblu’s appearance to your website and corporate design!
  • Analytics – evaluate the efficiency of communication through Unblu!


  • Increase your sales (both upsell and cross sell) through your website;
  • Streamline on-line customer support and thus increase customers’ satisfaction;
  • Ability to respond quickly to customer’s requirements and needs;
  • Communication from anywhere, any time;
  • Increasing the quality and level of the web communication and marketing;
  • Easy sharing of business and other documents;
  • Fast resolution of claims and complaints towards higher satisfaction of customers.
  • State-of-the-art level of security during communication and content sharing;

Unblu is available in two versions:

  • Unblu Business Line – for small and medium businesses that wish to increase the efficiency of their communication and sales through their website. Available as a cloud service, with no need for complex integration. It is compatible with any website.
  • Unblu Enterprise Line – for demanding users that require a solution tailored to suit their needs, security demands, and both internal and legislative requirements. Available as a cloud service or as “on premise” solution.

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