A word with the IXTENT’s implementation team about how he managed to implement an order for Savencia during a nationwide emergency. The subject of order was to streamline the automated extraction of invoices

Who answered?

  • Hana Horálková, Project & Resource Manager 
  • Jakub Demovič, Account Manager 
  • Juraj Harašta, Technical Consultant
  • Jakub Hájek, Technical Consultant

What makes this project special?
HH: The entire project was carried out virtually – i.e., from the Kick-Off through delivery all the way to final acceptance.

So, you haven’t seen the client’s team at all?
HH: Except the colleagues from sales, no 😊, the project management, technical consultations and implementation took place on-line.
JD: I only saw the client during the presales meeting but the project itself only started during the time of the coronavirus quarantine.

How did the client even find out about us?
JD: They found us on the web, picked up the phone, and called us 😊.
What are the advantages of a remotely implemented project?

HH: You save the travel time but, on the other hand, lose the possibility of personal contact with the client…

And how about the disadvantages of such project?
JD: As a salesman, I prefer meeting people in person. No camera can replace this, but at IXTENT we are all fully equipped and ready for on-line work and this project is a good proof of that. We do not necessarily need to see the client, we can do everything remotely… when there is a will, there is a way. 😊
HH: Meeting through various platforms is impersonal. Sometimes it can happen that the network does not manage the traffic imposed by individual communication tools, but we laugh at it with the client and life / project continues.
JHa: I don’t see any difference; I would perform the technical setup of systems remotely even if there was no quarantine 😊. We also managed all project statuses remotely without any problems.
JHá: For a problem-free implementation of a project of this size, I as a consultant would not have to come into direct contact with the customer even in a normal situation. So, this was no change for me, but I understand that sales and project management people see it differently. 😊.

What communication channels did you work with?
HH: We used mainly Microsoft Teams, a shared project library on the same platform, minor corrections of the implementation were managed via chat or e-mails, or our technical consultant guided the client’s staff directly through the system over the phone.

Thanks for the interview.