Fuse Management Central is a centralized web-based console for the management of OpenText Content Suite or OpenText Extended ECM or Archive Center software platforms, which provides user-friendly, professional administration of the above-mentioned systems. It provides a comprehensive management, monitoring and analysis in real time.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface with simplified deployment, OpenText system administrators can now analyze the system and perform or plan preventive or corrective actions.

Benefits of FUSE

Reduction of operating costs compared to other monitoring solutions as the administrators can act (perform administration) even on the groundwork of monitoring feedback.

Prompt management given that the administrators can easily include and manage their systems based on the proactive monitoring, thus avoiding critical performance degradation.

Time efficiency and shorter learning time in a centralized web-based and user-friendly solution with one-time, bulk, or scheduled operations with the system.

Faster analysis, detection, and elimination of system bottlenecks.

Prečo FUSE Management Central?

Why FUSE Management Central?

Higher efficiency

  • Centralized 360° monitoring and management of the Content Suite infrastructure.
  • Reduced need to learn the administration.
  • Quick start for new team members.
  • Assistance with accurate identification of past problems by drilling down into their details.
  • Use of quick actions on components.
  • Deactivation of all protocols to increase the performance and to avoid unnecessary disk space consumption.

MTTI* and MTTR** reduction

  • Monitor the status of all reports and clearly understand which components are failing.
  • Detailed information about the report that allows you to quickly identify its source.
  • Leading the administrators to exact identification of the report causes by marking the component causing the report.
  • No need to analyze log files to understand the system status or to identify the “silent” problems.

*Mean Time to Identify
**Mean Time to Resolve

Risk reduction

  • Ensure and perform system configurations
  • Prevent disruption of access and/or access to information regarding application resources such as File System, Remote Desktop…
  • No need for Content Suite user account with administrator privileges.
  • System administrators may not have access to any content.

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