To this date, IXTENT Company announces conclusion of new partnership with EvoBus Bohemia Company, which chose Open Text – Content Lifecycle Management platform for archiving and managing electronic documents and IXTENT company as a implementation partner.

Main project goal is to increase work efficency with paper documents, restrain its physical movement and manipulation inside the compay. In initial phase, new Document Management System will be used for document processing and archiving, especially contracts, invoices, purchase orders and product documentation. Optimal status, in which is project focused, is existence of only electronic type of document. Fulfilling this goal wil cause time save while processing docuements (workflow between departments), increasing security (prevent from loss, damage) and last but not least better data flow control.

Implemented solution will be also used for internal processes automation by workflow tools, for data boxes system integration and for continuous document archiving, which improves document classification, reporting options and search.

“Everybody here in IXTENT is very glad, that we acquired EvoBus Company into our customer portfolio. It is always pleasant to work with partners, which knows what he wants, has clear vision and does not restrict himself into short-term solutions. By choosing professional technology and reliable partner was our feelings just proofed”, comments the situation Jiří Jakeš, Account Manager in IXTENT Company and also says: “I believe that succesfull implementation will start long-term cooperation, because chosen platform offers many expansion options.”

For more information please contact:

Jiří Jakeš
Account Manager
+420 606 881 082

EvoBus Bohemia s.r.o.

EvoBus Bohemia Ltd. comapany, member of Daimler AG Group, is responsible for selling and servicing Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses in Czech Republic. Besides that, EvoBus produces segments of chassis´s and primary constructions for almost all types of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses in production plant located in Pilsner region – Holýšov. EvoBus Bohemia is employing in Czech Republic more than 400 employees. More detailed information about company and its activities are available on comapany website