About the Company
This company is a leading global supplier of large diesel engines and turbine units for marine and stationary applications. The company designs and manufactures two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

About the project
A major international client, was looking for a reliable partner among certified OpenText solution providers who offer professional supplies and available capacities.

At that time, the client needed to consolidate a module – the entire extended ECM platform – from the perspective of its architecture, then upgrade the Content Server to a supported version, i.e., migrate from release 10.5 to the latest release 16.2. The client uses Extended ECM for engineering in their field. This system enables electronic sharing of production documentation or drawings with third parties – all in documented form (with proof of delivery, document versions, date, and other formalities) using the “Secure Media File Transfer” application.

The upgrade itself took several months and was complicated by unforeseeable circumstances – it was necessary to put the existing system into a good shape – harmonize it, fine-tune it according to standard, and remove old errors. The upgrade was also delayed by supply of more robust hardware that was required for the new software version).

With the approaching end of the implementation, it was decided to follow the “big boom” method and upgrade everything at once irrespective of the order. The xECM solution with connection to SAP was upgraded. Everything went well and go-live took place in November 2020. Stress testing of the environment was performed as well. The client currently use release 16.2 which has a number of additional customized improvements. Further development is planned for the future. IXTENT is currently working on an antivirus module for the client, which will protect their system against virus importation by system users who upload documents into DMS (if the system detects an infected file, it moves it to an external folder outside the DMS system).