Do your employees retype, review, and approve a large number of supplier invoices (tens of thousands) or do you handle other company agendas inefficiently in paper form (archiving, contract management, HR, production and service documentation, logistics…)?

If so, we have an effective solution for you…

Solution for automation of mining and processing of supplier invoices:

  • You will save more than 50 % of your internal human resources costs thanks to the process automation and robotization
  • You will minimize the risk of human error
  • You will speed up and streamline the entire process
  • You will be able to transfer your employees to a more qualified work
  • Your investment will pay off in a short time (approx. within 12-14 months)

Don’t waste your precious human resources on unskilled manual agendas.
(It is expensive for a qualified accountant to retype supplier invoices into the accounting system and manually review them when the information system can do the work.)

References of our latest satisfied clients from the manufacturing sector:
Food industry – Savencia Metallurgical Industry
More client references

If you have already resolved the process of supplier invoices processing, we will be happy to streamline other agendas for you:

  • electronic archive
  • contracts management
  • production and service documentation (case study – automotive industry – EvoBus)
  • paperless human resources management
  • receivables management
  • procurement

Our unrivaled advantage consists in our ability to solve all “digital office” agendas. IXTENT is one of the most experienced suppliers of paperless solutions in the Czech Republic (more than 300 customers, 17 years on the market). There is no process that we could not digitize and streamline!

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