OpenText World 2020 online conference focused on news in document management will take place between October 26 and 29, 2020.

What awaits you?
Consequences and challenges of the global pandemic will be summarized from the perspective of corporate content digitization. Information is a valuable engine of trade, a driver of the entire mankind and of our daily lives in general. There is a huge difference in the way we handle information content which provides plenty of space for competitive advantage.

Information can help us reach higher, influence more and feel safer. But if we don’t have a secure access to it anytime, anywhere, don’t use it to the fullest and don’t protect it as it deserves – we are against ourselves.

Join us (online) at the OpenText World 2020 digital conference, where you will hear live key ideas, immerse yourself in the depths of document agendas and visit virtual laboratories to discuss the latest digitization trends with experts in various fields!

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