It’s morning. A worker comes to the production line where their assignment for the current day lights up on the PC screen…
Is it a dream?
No, it’s the production digitization with IXTENT!

Experience the 4th industrial revolution, digitize the entire production process, use mobile applications to collect production data, scan the production data over the phone, distribute technical information across the company, send documents in real time all the way to the production line!
We will help you…

  • Digitize the entire production process
  • Distribute technical documents all the way to the production line (via material QR code)
  • Manage tasks over time (via mobile applications / scanning)
  • Manage technical, production, service, and logistics documentation
  • Define the management of quality, services, and products
  • Automatically mine the content of vendor invoices, delivery notes, orders…
  • Implement paperless human resources
  • Implement Claim Management

Our added value…
In line with the approaching onset of the 4th industrial revolution, we are helping manufacturing companies with significant and quantifiable reduction of their operating costs by speeding up and improving the quality of document-related processes. We achieve this by applying a number of tools for the so-called Paperless Office – i.e., by implementing advanced software tools from leading manufacturers. In many cases, these agendas are very closely interconnected with the SAP ERP system or other production and economic systems, with which our solutions are natively integrated.

Case Study

Mobile application for production data collection and efficient document processing in the manufacturing facility of EvoBus Česká republika

EvoBus ČR, like most manufacturing companies, generates vast amounts of documentation relating to the manufacturing processes and to business and administrative activities of the company. The increasing documentation volume results in increased time demands and costs relating to its management and recording. IXTENT’s solution enabled EvoBus ČR to easily and efficiently manage various types of documents and information contained therein in electronic form. Manufacturing process is efficiently documented thanks to a mobile application.

Mobile application for production data collection
Common discussion about new trends in mobile applications and their utilization in the production process started in 2014. The aim was to replace some paper documents used for production data recording by a mobile application that would enable proper documentation of the production process in line with the current requirements of EvoBus ČR.

Figure 1: Recording values from the production process with a mobile application
The mobile application designed by IXTENT enables the manufacturing personnel to record measured data into electronic forms using tablets. The application alerts them of any excessive/insufficient values and may initiate a remedial action – for example send a task to other manufacturing personnel to add certain substance so that the measured parameters return into normal.
After measurement completion, the application creates a PDF record with measurement results which is archived in the existing DMS. This is an entirely web based responsive application based on HTML 5 technology. This concept guarantees that the application will be consistent and user friendly regardless of the chosen display device, operating system, or browser. The mobile production application facilitates administrative actions connected with the production process and ensures strict compliance with the manufacturing procedures and the standardization of their documentation.

Figure 2: PDF report with measurement results

IXTENT’s solution provided EvoBus ČR with easier access to information required for production management and enabled secure and automated processing and archiving of electronic documents. The solution for management, creation, and distribution of statements and reports enables the company to track all important performance indicators and helps to ensure that all required information is available to right people at the right time.

Our satisfied clients include:
Škoda auto, BOSCH, Danfoss, TPCA, Hyundai…and others.
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