10 December was a fun day at IXTENT, who sent a forty-man team in a rented bus for a teambuilding day at a brewery near Kutná Hora. If its beer, then it has to be good – we surrendered ourselves to the taste of the golden beverage and themed entertainment in the friendly brewery of Malešov.

There was a packed agenda, with one activity after another. Firstly, we engaged our brain cells and our creativity into inventing a beer label and a story for our beer, which we then presented to the teams. The best design was placed on a beer gift box to take away at the end of the evening.

Then we stretched our stiff office bodies in brewery games – we played at beer bottles filled with water, we did a slalom with beer barrels, which we moved with sticks, we held a half-pint glass of beer as long as our biceps let us (by clicking on a flabby mouse), and we threw beer coasters  into a barrel… We basically had as much fun as the brewery allowed us to have.

This was followed by a very practical school of draft beer, a tour of the brewery with tasting of various fermentation processes directly from the beer tanks.

After sundown, an evaluation of the half-day beer competition took place, with the most successful team in collecting bottle tops from the beer disciplines receiving a beer gift for the trip back.
We let off steam, recharged our batteries, engaged informally with our colleagues and then hurriedly headed back to Prague so that we could fulfill the wishes of our clients to digitize their corporate content the following day …