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Do you manually retype and check the content of financial documents? Do you work with your production documentation in digital form? Do you need to securely archive, easily search, approve, share and audit key document agendas?

The main advantages and functions of our solutions

With the approach of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we help manufacturing and automotive companies to significantly and quantifiably reduce their operating costs, speed up and improve a number of document processes or agendas. We apply a number of electronic tools for the so-called paperless office.

We implement solutions for digitization and data capturing, automation of document-oriented processes, management of electronic documents and their archiving in accordance with legislative and security regulations. In many cases, these agendas are very closely interconnected with the SAP ERP system or other production and economic systems, with which our solutions are often natively integrated.

Areas we can help you resolve


Mobile application for production data collection and efficient document processing

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