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Regulated industries place increased demands on the quality and methodology of IT systems implementation. The starting point is validated systems for management and circulation of data or documents.

The main advantages and functions of our solutions

IXTENT can offer you a validated turnkey DMS system solution or implement such a system on a pre-validated OpenText or Microsoft platform.

We have experience with the implementation of validated DMS systems where everything must be thoroughly documented and intensively tested many times more than usual. The result is a system that is completely compliant with documentation, is free of any errors, and can be audited.

Validated systems implemented according to the GAMP5 methodology represent a standard for the quality and sustainability of IT solutions. Although they can (at first glance) cover standard document-oriented agendas, enormous emphasis is placed on the accuracy of descriptions of business requirements, functions, IT environment, etc. in each project phase.

Due to its project history, IXTENT was able to introduce the general principles of implementation of validated systems into its standard deliveries, which represents a guarantee of delivery quality and a unique competitive advantage for the customer.

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