On 27 April 27 2018, IXTENT, in cooperation with the Office of the Embassy of Canada and the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized a business breakfast on the theme of GDPR – the protection of documents and information inside them.

The opening talk was given by the business consultant – Mr. Haruštiak from the Office of the Embassy of Canada and Mr. Ing. Juraj Majtan from the Bratislava Regional Chamber of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After the participants were welcomed, JUDr. Tomáš Nielsen from the law firm Nielsen Meinl gave a legal lecture on GDPR.

After answering questions, IXTENT gave a one-hour presentation on the theme of document protection and information stored in Enterprise Content Management tool from the point of view of GDPR. Personal data can be found in many documents exchanged between company employees and customers, suppliers, and business partners. IXTENT account managers advised the participants of the business breakfast on how to create, store, transmit, and shred documents to meet the requirements of legislation. Students also learned how to use technical means to protect sensitive data in documents, how to track who see them and when, how to show relevant data only to an employee who can see them and show the document to another employee without them seeing these data, and other issues relevant to the GDPR.

The business breakfast was attended by 40 guests, the capacity of the premises was hopelessly exhausted, many people had to be turned away, and for this reason we are preparing another workshop for a similar topic.
We thank the guests for their participation and look forward to seeing them again at the next IXTENT event.