Organizations are trying to maintain their momentum in this special time of unprecedented changes. The need for effective access to information, support for teamwork, continuity of processes, and public governance are more important than ever before. OpenText® technologies, including the new cloud editions (CE) of the OpenText® Content Suite and OpenText® Extended ECM, are designed to address these issues and help organizations overcome the current situation and be stronger and more resilient.

The latest releases of OpenText Content Suite Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 and OpenText Extended ECM Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 use native cloud technologies, which greatly simplify implementation, upgrades, and rapid deployment of new features. Although OpenText CE has been designed for the cloud, it still enables the customers to choose how they want to deploy and manage it (either as a conservative on-premise solution or in the preferred innovative cloud); OpenText CE can run anywhere.

What’s new in Content Suite Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 and Extended ECM Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2?

  • Intelligent generation of documents in a user-friendly view
    Create documents using automatically filled templates for better productivity! System automatically provides a selection of relevant templates based on specified rules and personalized user environment; it also creates documents in correct folder with the appropriate classification)
  • Improved interactive configuration of Smart View landing page (it allows users to hide and display widgets, change the order of the widgets, add shortcut groups for faster work in the work environment of user interface)
  • Interconnection with intelligent scanning (combination of Extended ECM with OpenText™ Core Capture or OpenText™ Intelligent Capture enables automatic saving of incoming documents to the right place within the workspace for even more efficient information management between endpoints).
  • Capturing and archiving team chats (chat records from Microsoft Teams can be stored in the Extended ECM workspace, lifecycle of teams can be managed by maintaining the collaboration history, and membership of connected teams within the Microsoft Teams can be mapped and controlled directly from the main OpenText Extended ECM for SAP application).

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