Do you have problems with high administration costs (e.g. manual transcription, validation, control, data approval) and slow processing of paper/electronic documents and their further processing? The starting point is OCR/ICR/OMR technology …

What can we offer you?

We implement digital capture, data capturing solutions (OpenText software, KOFAX, legacy ReadSoft platforms) with a unique level of automation of extraction, validation and control through unique AI algorithms, machine learning and native ERP connectivity such as SAP. These can be “all-in-one” solutions or specialized OCR solutions (supplier invoices, orders, HR documents, papers, forms…) or solutions for intelligent electronic forms for data collection, validation and their automated processing.

An alternative is the IXTENT turnkey document digitization service: a comprehensive service (transport, storage, digitization, machine extraction, storage, monitoring and document shredding).

Supply of scanners with the best price/performance ratio on the market, including scanning programs.

  • Save 50-80% of the operating costs of document processing
  • Speed up multiple processes associated with documents
  • Reduce the error rate and inefficiency of manual processing
  • Automate extraction, validation and control of documents

What can we offer?

  • Digitization and shredding to order
  • An all-in-one SW solution for digitizing all business documents
  • Digitizing and exploiting SAP-related data
  • Mobile data capturing solutions
  • Intelligent electronic forms
  • Supply of powerful scanners

Selected business areas of solutions, in which we can help

  • Financial documents, supplier invoices
  • Contractual documentation
  • Orders, delivery notes
  • Forms and questionnaires
  • Personal papers and documents (HR documents)
  • Other structured, unstructured documents

Selected advantages and functions of our solutions

  • Up to 100% success rate of automated data mining
  • All-in-one and specialized SW data capturing solutions
  • Proven technology solutions from world leaders
  • Native integration with SAP and other ERPs
  • Return on investment within 12-16 months
  • Mining of structured and unstructured data
  • Solutions that work in hundreds of companies in the Czech Republic
  • 24/7 support

References: Unipetrol, Alliance Healthcare, Czech Railways, DPP, GO Steel, BUT, E.ON, CETIN, Telefonica O2

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