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HR is one of the most document-intensive areas of every organization, yet the management of employee documents has been slow to automate. Organizations may benefit by managing HR documents more efficiently and compliantly, so that more time can be spent on value-adding activities such as employee development and retention.

The quick wins/deliverables are listed below:

  • Single, centralized HR document management solution
  • Version control, audit trails, metadata, search and employee workspaces help organize, control and locate documents
  • Interactive and batch document generation capabilities including employee/manager self-service
  • Document-level rules for access, retention, deletion and legal compliance
  • Document completeness checks alert HR managers about missing or outdated documents

Studies show that the proper management, governance and retention of electronically stored information at HR departments can bring substantially better process management and real-life savings. Such savings can reach the 5-6 zero quota in both CAPEX and OPEX, for enterprises approaching EUR 1 bln in revenue and 5,000 employees. The HR budget impact can score a reduction of at least 4 % and up to 9 %1.

Much has been said about how important human workforces are in a fast-changing business environment. However, HR departments are not among the first-line investment targets. This is now changing. With the widespread adoption of specialized HR IT systems, human resources departments NO LONGER rely only on simple office & collaboration tools. With a system like SAP SuccessFactors, they can truly extend the scope of managed and administered activities. And with the ONLY existing genuinely HR-specialized ECM suite, they can do even more.

Successful deployment of SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM usually brings the quickest, most visible and measurable results in:

  • Greater efficiency of document-related HR processes; greater ability to support employees and allows focus on strategic issues
  • No incomplete or lost employee files. No poor decision-making and risk of regulatory non-compliance and fines
  • Ability to provide a secure, self-service HR portal, which meets HR demands for automatic, ad-hoc, and process-defined document circulation
  • Eliminates multiple physical copies of employee files and reduces storage needs. Less archiving space, lower risk of GDPR breach and better security

SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM also provides:
The entire digital personal file as an integral part of SuccessFactors ECM can be stored in a centralized repository, which provides global access to all employee documents to create the ideal platform for digitalizing the HR department.

Integrated document generation to automate manual HR processes. The sophisticated document generation functionalities provide an event-based document creation service triggered by SAP SF events. High numbers of personalized documents can be sent out to employees easily and in automated fashion. Employees can sign their documents instantly and electronically, instead of the old-fashioned signing of hardcopies. Easy integration with SAP Signature Management by DocuSign serves this purpose.

Records management and retention rules. To meet regulatory requirements and secure access policies to sensitive content, the employee file manages retention and role-based access individually for each document and folder. The embedded employee file, with its unique capabilities in mapped access control or document generation, is driving HR transformation forward.
Integrate content management into HR business processes. HR processes are content heavy. Many HR processes are triggered or result in documents. Therefore, efficient content handling is crucial to delivering excellent workforce processes and a great employee self-service experience.

GDPR and corporate guidelines. To meet regulatory requirements and secure access policies to sensitive content, the employee file manages retention and role-based access profiles.

The core value proposition typically ensures the elimination of manual processes and errors, centralizes and secures employee files and offers GDPR level compliance. When companies dive into structured HR management with SAP SuccessFactors, the most natural step is to extend its capabilities with dedicated, specialized SAP Solution Extensions | SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM. It is one-stop-shopping from SAP and offers a ‘big-picture’ approach for personnel management at a 21st Century enterprise. What’s more, it offers out-of-the-box certified records management.

SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM improves HR document management efficiencies in a hybrid environment and reduces migration costs before successful transition to the cloud.

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1 Based on studies, HR spend is ~0.6% of revenue. The estimation only uses some direct HR benefit values. This estimation is indicative in nature.