Strategic goals

External Goals of the IXTENT company

The main goal of IXTENT is to be a reliable, stable, and competent partner. We want to help our customers become companies which do not use paper, or at least to approach that grand ideal. By using the latest cutting-edge solutions and qualified services, we make business processes more effective and higher quality, thus increasing the competitiveness of businesses. In order to reach these goals, we use tools of process management, ECM, and DMS.

Internal Goals of the IXTENT company

The main internal goal of this company is to ensure a leading position in the area of processing of business documents on the markets of the Czech Repubic, Slovakia, and Poland, where the company has a majority market share at the current time.

Strategy of the company:

We always respect agreements made concerning holding to set times and appointments, quality, and prices in the realisation of projects.