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PF 2018 18. 12. 2017

Migration from Oracle database to MSSQL and upgrade of Content Server in company Conseq 12. 12. 2017

Conseq Investment Management, a.s. is an important and loyal customer of IXTENT. A number of projects have been implemented throughout the long-term co-operation leading to more efficient processing of documents and information contained therein. One of the latest major projects consisted in migration from Oracle database to MSSQL and upgrade of Content Server.

New software versions 11. 12. 2017

Here again we bring you a current overview of selected OpenText software products.

New version of Kofax Capture 07. 12. 2017

31st October 2017 a new major version of Kofax Capture was released (version 11).

Alliance Health Care, a global giant in the sales of medicines, innovated its invoice management with IXTENT 06. 12. 2017

Alliance Health Care, which covers 80% of the global medicine market, decided to upgrade its way of recording, processing and forwarding invoices. This innovation was implemented by IXTENT, a trusted partner for the implementation of solutions built on the OpenText Vendor Invoice Management platform.