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Invitation to our webinar How to process invoices in SAP efficiently 06. 10. 2015

Is your accounting department flooded with vast amounts of invoices that arrive every day? Do you want to increase efficiency of their processing and management? Ensure their secure archiving in compliance with legislative requirements? IXTENT offers the SAP Vendor Invoice Management solution by OpenText that optimizes and simplifies the process of capture, management, monitoring, and processing of invoices and related documents while enabling the companies to improve their financial management while improving the relationships with their suppliers at the same time.

IXTENT is currently working on several projects for major customers in Western Europe 05. 10. 2015

In the UK branch of a leading European distributor of pharmaceutical products and other health care materials, IXTENT is assisting with implementation of an invoice processing solution based on OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP. The same solution IXTENT also implemented as the subcontractor in Czech subsidiaries of Exxon Mobil and Mondi. Besides that IXTENT is participating in implementation of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP in the Austrian headquarters of an international development financial institution established by OPEC and in an important German food producing company.

Enjoy benefits of processing electronic documents rather than moving papers 30. 09. 2015

One of the most important trends in business communication today is going digital. This means leaving traditional paper documents and physical mail. Among other benefits of electronic communication we can mostly find the efficiency and control of further digital information processing throughout the organization between all responsible employees, usually inside of an enterprise information system, including possibility of full automatization. Nowadays there exist many channels through which the electronic information can reach your organization: email, fax, EDI, web form or perhaps even a social network.

New versions of OpenText and Readsoft software products 30. 09. 2015

We bring you an overview of the current versions of selected OpenText and Readsoft software products along with their date of transfer into mode of inactive support, so called sustaining maintenance (the last phase of the life cycle of the product version). At this stage, the main software development team is redirected to different activities and there will be no new patches released for general use. Product defects and enhancement requests can still be reported, but the main work of the development team will be finished. It may be required to upgrade to newer version of the product under full support. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New invoice processing logistics in O2 Czech Republic and CETIN 03. 09. 2015

At the beginning of June, O2 Czech Republic a.s. announced splitting of the company into two independent organizations – O2 Czech Republic a.s. and Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. For this purpose, it was necessary to split the logistics of internal processes in order to correspond to the intent of creating two independent organizations. Invoice processing was one of these processes.