Press Release & News

IXTENT and ReadSoft Have Supplied a Document Automation Solution for Sauer-Danfoss 25. 09. 2008

The invoice processing automation solution for the new financial service center.

IXTENT provides archiving including time stamps 25. 09. 2008

New archiving solution with safety.

D-Telematika deploys an IXTENT solution 25. 09. 2008

D-Telematika a.s. has decided to resolve the financial and logistical liquidation of supplier invoices with IXTENTs solution

WALMARK selects IXTENT 25. 09. 2008

WALMARK has selected as its partner for DMS for quality and registration documentation.

Data archivation will significantly simplify the transition to the Euro 23. 09. 2008

IXTENT Slovakia s.r.o. is providing a solution to data archivation from the SAP enterprise system.