The Slovak State Treasury is a budgetary organisation founded by the operation of law on 1 January 2003. Its main activities consist in complex financial management of public finances and management of State cash, debt and investments. IXTENT provided the institution with the newest version of the archive server.

State Treasury is one of the most important financial institutions in Slovakia. Its management strives to have all the internal systems as modern and secure as possible. That is why a decision was made to upgrade the current DMS archive system, built on the Archiving and Document Access for SAP solution by OpenText, to the newest 16.2. version. The transition of the secure storage from Windows to Linux took place, followed by the migration of data to the new storage. Further, the new version of OpenText TCP 16.1. and Document Pipeline conversion for six different document sources (e.g. SAP reports, scanned documents, system logs etc.) were installed. The SAP components upgrade and the system customisation in line with the client’s requirements were also important in this respect.
The upgrade itself took approximately 14 days, but it was preceded by a preparation process. IXTENT finished the whole project within less than three months.