A demanding OpenText upgrade linked to SAP modules took place from 3 to 5 November 2017 in Voith. Seven IXTENT employees cooperated with the Voith project team in order to make sure everything was spot-on.

The decision to update the central system for content management and archiving to the latest version, OpenText 16.2., was taken six months ago. Since then, a whole range of simulations and preparations has taken place to ensure a smooth transition. The upgrade affected all components of the OpenText software, especially within the Extended ECM for SAP platform.

The biggest challenge was to turn off the systems simultaneously (across several time zones) without producing any impact on the work of the users during the main working hours. Our backup plan proved unnecessary, as the project took place precisely according to the schedule and to the full satisfaction of everyone involved.
In respect of the upgrade, Martin Schiller, Voith Executive Vice-president, said:
“I am very glad that this demanding transition to the latest system version was implemented with no technical complications. This clearly reflects the professional preparation and co-operation with an information technology project team with an international and interdisciplinary focus.”

The IXTENT implementation team managed to ensure stable function of the data and archiving infrastructure during the upgrade, which was aimed at harmonising all the OpenText components as well as improving the system safety measures and decreasing the number of hours required for its maintenance. The upgrade of the content management and archiving systems also brought about a higher performance of other Voith systems.