The Czech and Austrian divisions of EvoBus implemented an electronic customers’ claims management system in order to make their services in this area more efficient for their customers and to comply with the forthcoming legislative changes related to GDPR.

The implementation of claim management in EvoBus was a very sensitive topic because it had a direct impact on the company’s customer relationship. Therefore, the company requested a large number of tailor-made modifications in order to ensure that the process exactly complied with its internal standards. The result of the adaptation of the established DMS OpenText Content Suite platform is a user-friendly form-type application, which requires an initial input of data and works fully automatically afterwards. This sophisticated programme can record every step of the user during the treatment of a claim or a complaint. Each claim is audited thoroughly with an output in the form of a PDF report covering the whole process of the claim treatment.

Mr Wolfgang Gmeiner, CFO of EvoBus Austria, was present during the final presentation of the IXTENT solution for EvoBus because the Austrian affiliate company will use the Czech system as well. He appreciated the final version of the solution stating that the outcome of this project is precisely what that had expected. The solution has a great potential of development, thanks to its modularity, and EvoBus will certainly be interested in expanding it.