At the beginning of June, O2 Czech Republic a.s. announced splitting of the company into two independent organizations – O2 Czech Republic a.s. and Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. For this purpose, it was necessary to split the logistics of internal processes in order to correspond to the intent of creating two independent organizations. Invoice processing was one of these processes.

The new solution was based on the current invoice processing solution within SAP that had been implemented by IXTENT some years ago. “The aim of the new solution was to ensure the process of accepting invoices in various formats – PDF, data message, hardcopy, and their automatic sorting by accounting center and subsequent processing in two independent SAP systems of both companies,” explains Roman Knapp, Sales Manager, IXTENT. The process, which appears simple at the first sight, consists of a number of automated tasks that perform verification and possible correction of documents in each step.

The aim of the new electronic invoice processing solution was to support independent and autonomous business of both companies in order to enable them to develop their market potential.

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