In addition to disclosing information to bankruptcy administrators, police, courts, or revenue authorities, the insurance companies (similarly to banks) are obliged to provide information about their clients to bailiffs upon written request pursuant to applicable laws. This poses a significant administrative burden on the insurance companies – there can be hundreds of requests received by an insurance company in one day while each such request can contain up to two thousand queries regarding individual entities.

Today’s status – inconsistency and administrative burden

Most requests are still sent as data messages through the Data Mailbox Information System where the requirements of individual requesters (bailiffs) are expressed in different ways – some send an individual data message for each query, others include multiple queries into a single message.

Subsequent processing is usually semi-automated. In most insurance companies, operators have to enter the key data about the query manually into their information system in order to obtain relevant data. They subsequently paste the result into a reply template (which again differs from one insurance company to another) and send it back to the bailiff as a data message. From this description of the process, it is obvious that this work requires several employees – and in some cases even involvement of the entire department.

Communication of tomorrow – process standardization and automation

The proposed standard of electronic communication between the insurance companies associated within the Czech Insurance Association and bailiffs, who are by law members of the Czech Republic’s Chamber of Bailiffs (approximately 160 members) aims at replacing the vast numbers of heterogeneous bailiffs’ queries and heterogeneous replies of insurance companies by an uniform standardized query/reply structure in electronic format. Both the bailiffs’ queries and replies will be transmitted exclusively through the Data Mailbox Information System. The Standard also defines the data structures, query and reply formats, as well as the rules for their exchange.

Faster communication thanks to IXTENT’s solution

The communication through Data Mailboxes facilitates reception of queries and subsequent sending of replies. It, however, does not cover any other tasks relating to distribution, processing, and final secure storage and archiving of the queries.

IXTENT offers a solution in form of Data Mailbox Connector which enables automatic reception, sending, and processing of data messages including their integration with company information system regardless of its type (SAP and other ERP, MS SharePoint, DMS, ECM, File Systems, or e-mail mailbox).

In this particular case, the Data Mailbox Connector automatically downloads the data messages from data mailboxes of given insurance company and, based on the data message attributes, decides whether the particular message is a bailiff’s message with XML query or not. Based on the result, it then launches the procedure for bailiff’s data messages, which is completely different than standard correspondence transmitted through the Data Mailbox Information System.

Bailiff’s message in ZFO format (respectively its XML attachment) is stored in relevant repository. Identification details of queried entities (personal number or company identification number) are then used to check for match in internal client records and for the current status of such entity with given insurance company. Automatic reply / data message in required format containing information about the result and match is then generated and sent to the particular bailiff.

The entire process is now fully automated. This results in considerable savings in the area of administration and salary costs. IXTENT is currently implementing this solution at its customer – Pojišťovna České spořitelny, a.s.