Open Text™ (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, announced today that it achieved the top ranking in a recently-published study on “Blue Chips in the ECM Market” The study was conducted and written by jdk, a vendor-independent consulting firm specializing in Enterprise Content Management. Open Text relegated Oracle and the Norwegian WCM vendor eZ-Systems further down the list. Microsoft came fourth and the storage vendor EMC took fifth place. Open Text was designated leader due to the success of its corporate strategy together with the completeness of its ECM solution. As an additional bonus, the study also highlighted the fact that Tom Jenkins, Open Text’s CEO for many years, was one of the few executives who were also ECM specialists in their own right. The study, based on comprehensive market research and a large number of ECM project evaluations, is a reliable barometer of trends and tendencies in the ECM market, according to jdk. In addition, the consulting firm has included details of the five best vendors and their solutions and says that these five will be the principal market movers in 2005.

The study notes that Open Text has the most complete ECM portfolio on the market. Following several company acquisitions over the last few years, Open Text has been careful to merge and integrate the different solutions and “has assured its top ranking in Enterprise Content Management of the future,” according to the study. In addition, jdk notes that it is confident in Open Text’s ability to continue to meet this challenge.

The authors of the study especially emphasize Open Text’s strategy, noting that the company has been concentrating on “developing solutions for effective content management for more than ten years”. They underline the fact that Open Text has a deep understanding of the information infrastructure challenges of today’s enterprises and has developed its solutions accordingly. In contrast, says jdk, other vendors do not yet offer complete solutions and are often too preoccupied with internal issues. These solutions are also “not complete enough for the products to be used as part of a best-of-breed strategy”.

Tom Jenkins gets a special mention “as one of the few ECM executives who is a specialist in his own company’s solutions”, earning Open Text additional kudos.

Open Text is not only an ECM solution vendor but also has deep expertise in this area. Tom Jenkins has already published two books on Enterprise Content Management and is currently writing a third. Further information is available on the company’s web site at

Tom Jenkins becomes chairman of Open Text as of 1 July 2005.

“In our opinion, Open Text is the most important company in the ECM space in 2005,” said Joerg Denis Krueger, Chief Architect and Managing Director of jdk and one of the authors of the study. “Open Text has also confirmed its solid financial base with the quarterly figures it published on 9 February this year.”

“We’re very proud of this accolade from jdk as a well-known consulting firm. Our corporate strategy of providing a complete and comprehensive ECM solution has proved its value right down the line,” said Joerg Limberg, Vice President Sales and Managing Director of Open Text CE EE “Today we can provide all the right solutions from a single source. Our products enable companies to seamlessly exchange documents across applications and systems; for example, documents in SAP can be loaded into and used within Livelink – and vice versa. Our international customers benefit from our proven solutions as well as from our deep consulting experience in various vertical markets.”

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