We would like to inform you, that company IXTENT s.r.o., which is considered to be the main vendor of eBusiness documents and data management , provides commercial and service activities at Open Text partners level for Central and Eastern Europe markets.

From July, 31 2005 Open Text company formally ends global integration process with IXOS company through centralization of development activities together with transition of business and services provided by partner channels. That model better responds to customer needs and provides higher quality and availability of services.

Process continues by transferring development and other minority activities to European headquarter in Open Text Munich and consecutive closing of operations of IXOS SOFTWARE, s.r.o.

Responsibility for commercial and service activities will be for the future covered by partner company IXTENT s.r.o., or IXTENT Slovakia s.r.o., guaranteed by IXOS SOFTWARE (Austria) GmbH Vienna, for the future Open Text Vienna.