Company Avnet s.r.o., Czech branch of Avnet Partner Solutions – leading European distributor of solutions in the field of server systems, storage equipment, middleware a software – has established cooperation in the field of Enterprise Content Management solutions on IBM platform with IXTENT s.r.o., specialist in development and implementation of document and data management solutions.

Avnet s.r.o. is an experienced multidisciplinary distributor with added value. It achieved the best results as an IBM software distributor, and it has been rated as the best IBM supplier on the Avnet Partner Solutions level in various EMEA regions already since 2004. Avnet will provide IXTENT s.r.o. with many of its services aimed at IBM ECM where the profiles of both companies intersect. IXTENT is a proven, platform independent supplier of solutions for optimal management of electronic documents and data. Since 2006, IXTENT has been certified supplier of IBM products and extended its product portfolio by most specialized ECM solutions offered by IBM Corporation. IXTENT guarantees complete services from analysis up to the final implementation and service at the end customer. Involvement of Avnet will enable optimization of many steps in supply of know-how and IBM products in favor of the end customer.

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PRAM Consulting s.r.o.
Karel Kapinus
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IXTENT s.r.o. represents Enterprise Content Management technology in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, and is one of the biggest suppliers of archiving systems, DMS and WCM technology on the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers services for administration of electronic and ‘paper’ documents, their content (Document Management System – DMS, Content Management System – CMS, Business Process Management – BPM, Web Content Management – WCM, Email Management, etc.), technology for intelligent optical text recognition from paper copies and their digitalisation (OCR/ICR), archiving of data and documents via the internet and business information systems, consultation services connected with the introduction of these systems, and implementation of complex solution provisions.

Avnet Partner Solutions – Avnet Computer Marketing, Partner Solutions is a leading distributor in the field of corporate computing systems, software, data storage equipment, networking solutions and services. It is involved exclusively in the field of value added distribution. Its European branches are located in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Avnet Partner Solutions is a division of Avnet Computer Marketing Group with the turnover of US$ 2.3 billion, which forms part of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT). Avnet, Inc. is a global distributor of electronic components and computer products and services supplied by leading world manufacturers. Its annual turnover exceeds US$ 8.9 billion.

IBM is the world No. 1 in the field of information technologies. It has been the leading innovations driver for over 80 years. IBM software offers a broad scale of “middleware” products and operating systems intended for all computer platforms providing the customers with all benefits of “on demand” products.