ČD-Telematika a.s., a significant provider of telecommunication and information services, has selected an IXTENT® solution for the processing of supplier invoices in the logistics module of the SAP R/3 system.

ČD-Telematika a.s. has decided to resolve the financial and logistical liquidation of supplier invoices in the MM SAP R/3 module, which was implemented by the company ČD-Telematika. The requirements for the processing of supplier invoices were met by the customized solution of the company IXTENT, a leading specialist in Enterprise Content Management technologies on the Czech and Slovak markets. The implementation of the new solution offered the linking of the logistics and finances work sites with the steps of an electronic approval workflow. The incoming tax document is passed through the organization in a digitalized form to the authorized approver, who is continuously informed about the current status with notifications to an email client. The approver concurrently has the possibility of viewing the history of the workflow, choose priorities, and determine his / her substitutability. A part of the solution installation is the secure archivation of all accounting and related documents in an electronic form. It is possible to view the archived documents again directly in the SAP R/3 system environment. The liquidation of invoices thus becomes a smooth and controllable process, which corresponds to the requirements of the financial audit as well as to the pressure of the market. The implementation took two months from the concept through the deployment to the pilot operation.

For more information contact:
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Karel Kapinus
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ČD-Telematika a.s. is a stable company providing a wide range of products and services in the areas of telecommunications, information technology and telematics with contractually guaranteed parameters. It uses the second largest ICT infrastructure in the ČR, a central data storage facility, server farms, development, service and other specialized work sites for the provision of services,. The joint-stock company ČD-Telematika offers a complete portfolio of internet, data, and voice services with high reliability and guaranteed quality (SLA). ČD-Telematika has its clients in various market segments ranging from large corporations to public administration.

IXTENT s.r.o. represents Enterprise Content Management technologies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Poland and is one of the largest suppliers of archiving systems, DMS and WCM technologies on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. It offers services for the management of electronic and “paper” documents, their contents (Document Management System – DMS, Content Management System – CMS, Business Process Management – BPM, Web Content Management – WCM, Email Management, etc.), technologies of intelligent optical recognition of text from paper documents and its digitalization (OCR/ICR), archivation of data and documents in the Internet and company information system environments, consulting services related to the implementation of these systems and the execution of comprehensive solution installations.