The companies SAP Czech Republic and IXTENT s.r.o. today announced that they have signed an agreement giving IXTENT the status of SAP Software Partner. The signed agreement completes the agreement concluded by the companies SAP (NYSE: SAP) and Open Text (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC) for the Czech Republic. Within the agreement mentioned, SAP offers the selected solutions from Open Text, the biggest independent provider of ECM (Enterprise Content Management). The agreement mentioned above will help customers of SAP Czech Republic improve the efficiency of business processes, lower risks, and ensure concordance with legislation.

“The alliance of SAP, Open Text and IXTENT represents a strong alliance in the field of business processing of documents and information,” announced Vit Svoboda, managing director of IXTENT. “It is with great pleasure that we are opening up our experiences and positive results of a global alliance to Czech customers as well.”

SAP supplies selected products from the Livelink ECM range from Open Text, which are market leaders in the field of document and data management. The application for archiving and work with documents are intended for sectors providing financial services as well as organisations working in the public sector, private sector for companies providing healthcare and other organisations providing services.

The corporation Open Text is represented in the Czech Republic and other Central European countries by IXTENT s.r.o. IXTENT is one of the most important suppliers of Enterprise Content Management solutions in the region and the company Open Text has repeatedly awarded them the Best Performing CEE OTC Partner.

For more information contact:

Petr Nemecek, Marketing Manager

Mgr. Martin Grmela


SAP is the world’s largest supplier of applications software for businesses and organisations of all sizes. In total over 76,000 customers in 120 countries of the world use SAP software. SAP has been on the Czech market since 1992 and has so far earned over 750 Czech customers from the fields of businesses, financial institutes and public administration organisations. As well as small and medium-sized firms among its customers, it also has large companies and organisations. SAP ERP solution based on the SAP NetWeaver platform helps organisations and companies with necessary innovations and adjustments, which improve relations to customers and citizens, refine co-operation with external partners and increase efficiency of processes within the businesses and organisations. SAP is a publicly traded company on a number of global markets (Frankfurt Stock Exchange, NYSE, etc.). You can find more information at

Open Text

Open Text is the world’s largest independent supplier of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions. Its solutions are intended for information management and meet all business and professional requirements and demands for adhering to regulations in the world’s largest companies, state institutes and other companies offering services. Open Text supports around 46,000 customers and millions of users in 114 countries and 12 languages. You can get more information about Open Text by visiting

IXTENT s.r.o.

IXTENT s.r.o. represents Enterprise Content Management technology in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Romania and is one of the largest suppliers of archival systems, DMS and WCM technologies on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. It offers services for the management of electronic and “paper” documents, their content (Document Management System – DMS, Content Management System – CMS, Business Process Management – BPM, Web Content Management – WCM, Email Management, etc.), technology of intelligent optical text recognition and its digitisation (OCR/ICR), archiving of data and documents on the internet and business information systems, consultancy services connected with implementing these systems and implementation of complex instalments of these solutions. You can find more information about the company on