IXTENT provides operational support for OpenText Document Access for SAP® Solutions at Mobis Automotive Czech s.r.o.

Last year IXTENT implemented the above mentioned solution to support processes and SAP users by extending the possibilities of connecting unstructured content to the SAP objects and providing hierarchical, logical access to such content using DocuLink tool, thus providing comprehensive view of each business transaction.

After starting the production there was a need to secure an appropriate level of support to minimize operational risk of unavailability of the system and also to ensure the continued maintenance of the system.

After mutual negotiations between Mobis and IXTENT companies concluded a contract to support this solution.

For more information please contact:

IXTENT Slovakia s.r.o.
Jozef Novota
Sales Manager
+421 905 668682

About Mobis Automotive Czech s.r.o.

Hyundai MOBIS, established in July 1977 as Hyundai Precision Industry, grew into container manufacturer and in mere three years overtook the top leaders in the sector. During the 90’s MOBIS switching into automotive business. In late 1999 MOBIS launched the production of chassis modules and in November 2000, it formalized its transformation by renaming itself Hyundai Mobis.

Throughout the thirty years old history MOBIS is improving its competitiveness in the global market and focusing out attention to supply the best quality products for maximum satisfaction of the Hyundai Motor and KIA Motors car companies customers across the world.