Ladies, gentlemen, customers and business partners,

There has been a debate recently over what face the next crisis will have and what will trigger it. Now the answer is clear – COVID 19. It is our duty to support local governments and the rest of the population to fight the virus. You are probably looking for a way of bridging the period. It will not be immediately, but we will beat this virus. Compared to the previous economic crisis, we now have a clear start and a known assailant.
As a result, the way out of this crisis situation can be clearly defined and significantly faster than during the last crisis.

We would like to assure you that IXTENT will stand by its customers and partners at all times.

More about how operations are running and ensured:
– Well in advance of official measures, we made the decision to let all employees work from home and operate the company virtually.
– We are built on virtual functioning and, as an international company, we are used to it, it is a common standard. We will not see each other personally for a while, but we will use technology to maintain sustainable development.
– Client support services are working totally normally.
– In the case of the special “on site” regime, we will deal with procedures individually to ensure the protection of all participants.
– Obviously, traveling outside the country is limited. Foreign clients are serviced by a branch in the given country, or again we will find a technological means that is sufficient and standard.

We are aware that digital content management is becoming increasingly important nowadays. This has been confirmed personally by you and you have thanked us the implemented technologies, without which you could not imagine the functioning of your company in this crisis. We also thank you for your support.

To conclude on a positive note:
The time is approaching when we will win this battle through a common and responsible approach. Even then, we will face a range of limitations and discomforts.
Health, health, health is important, and then… a return to a functional economy.

Therefore, I appeal to all of you to:
 Continue to push your production forward, encouraging your business partners and customers to do the same. As a side effect, your work will improve your mood. From the past crisis, we know that once you switch off, it is very difficult to reconnect. Please do not switch off!
– Support your home economy after the government measures have ended. We will have to start to perceive globalization differently and behave differently. Please spend or invest locally – at home and from home producers, holiday at home and with domestic providers, or invest in business, etc. primarily with local suppliers. This will greatly help to relaunch your country’s growth. Believe me, we’ll need it. Thank you for your cooperation.

I wish you high spirits and strong nerves on the road to victory.

Vít Svoboda, CEO