Smart Document Flow is an unbeatable product from IXTENT, which works as an interface between DMS (OpenText Content Suite) and information inputs. The DMS interface itself is insufficient for many companies, so IXTENT has developed its own component inspired by the needs of its customers. Smart Document Flow offers useful and widely configurable add-on features, which are beyond the scope of the DMS itself. What are they?

The basic benefits of SDF include:

  • Determination of rules for deleting documents (GDPR);
  • System extensibility through add-ons.

Additional extendable features include:

  • Application of a time stamp to a document (documenting the origin of the document and its history);
  • Electronic signing of documents;
  • Virus scan of input documents.

The latest version of IXTENT Smart Document Flow (4.1.0) provides you with:

  • Better searchability, documents can now be searched using logical operators;
  • “OR” and “AND” conditions can also be used to specify a query, which combines multiple conditions (“is greater than”, “is less than”, “is equal to”, “is not equal to”);
  • File search function according to conditions (date, number, text);
  • Error message from the system and for its users.

For more information about SDF, please contact our sales department at

Picture: Diagram of SDF