About 80 % of business communications still consist of unstructured documents, which often contain sensitive data, such as emails. Their recipients must sort the contents manually before they begin the business process. This prevents organizations from taking full advantage of SAP® solutions and can lead to delays in key business processes and thus a loss of revenue. OpenText ™ Information Extraction Service for SAP Solutions (IES) fully automates the digitization of incoming SAP-related documents. It uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract and classify them, minimizing the work of a person who can do other tasks.

The difference compared to OpenText’s previous OCR products is mainly in the inclusion of machine learning. It is also in the effort to unify all of the OCR products into one (transformation of the original BCC/ICC/OCC to IES). The solution based on this technology can automatically process HR documents, invoices, delivery notes, contracts, orders and other types of documents.

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