An inspirational technological meeting

We would like to invite you to an inspirational technological meeting to be held at the representative premises of the Canadian Embassy with the guest of honor Vladimír Pikora and tasting of food from the land of the maple leaf ...

We are preparing for you a traditional autumn meeting at the end of September (26 September 2019), where you can get inspiring ideas for your business. This year we are honored to welcome Vladimír Pikora, economist, commentator, publicist, writer and stock broker, who will bring you closer to the fourth industrial revolution - the current trend in digitization and the related automation of production and changes on the labor market: “Over the next decade, there will be changes in the economy that humanity has never experienced before. New technologies, robots, and artificial intelligence will transform the economy beyond recognition. We will feel it most on the labor market. Many people will lose their jobs. Many professions will disappear. However, many others will be created. It will be unpleasant for many people, because they will have to change. But companies will have to change as well. Processes will change, companies will replace many people with technology. This will change not only production but also management. Employees will be different. There will work more from home. More will work at times, which are unusual for us today. They will communicate differently. Those who lag behind will be finished. Competition will be frightening. The economy will move even faster than today.” revealed Vladimir Pikora from his upcoming lecture (more in the interview).
Another guest will be Martin Vogel, Senior Principal Solution Consultant from the Canadian company OpenText, which produces software tools for digital business transformation. This year, he will talk about the importance of document management systems in Industry 4.0, why the digitization of companies is inevitable, and what the benefits of this transformation will be.

Real examples of the use of Document Management Systems in the banking and legal sectors will be presented by the Sales Director of IXTENT (Jiří Jakeš) and the Sales Manager for Slovakia (Jozef Novota).
This will be followed by an invitation to a rich Canadian-style banquet, which will allow ample time for networking.

The event is held under the auspices of the Canadian Embassy and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
We look forward to meeting you.
The IXTENT team.