About ČDT:
ČD – Telematika a.s. is a provider of wholesale internet, data and voice services, as well as services in the fields of management, maintenance and construction of optical infrastructures. It operates the second largest optical network in the Czech Republic, which is part of the state infrastructure. The portfolio of its activities is complemented by services with added value including system integration, diagnostics and data analysis, and cybernetic security. Other segments of services provided include road safety telematics or the Internet of Things, where, for example, it provides smart parking solutions.

History of collaboration:
ČD Telematika is a supplier of IT services for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and is currently working on an extensive Integrated Operational and Support Data project. ČDT also invited IXTENT, a specialist in corporate document management and business process management, to collaborate on this project. The collaboration takes place in the framework of several sub-agendas – for example project control, manager position tests, contract management and litigation.

Current project:
The IPPD (Integrated Operational and Support Data) project for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is part of a large program for the reimplementation of administrative agendas previously developed and currently operated by the company OK system. It includes bespoke software solutions, which are developed by several subcontractors under ČDT as the main supplier. IXTENT, which had already temporarily participated for some time in the contract management and litigation agendas, was fully incorporated into the controls agenda in March 2017 and was given the responsibility of managing the testing across all supply companies.

IS Controls serves to plan the control activity of the Labor Office and is integrated into IS Employment and IS Economic Information System.

Miroslav Řezníček, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD – Telematika a.s. said this about the ongoing joint project: “I greatly appreciate collaborating with a company such as IXTENT, which has been able to integrate quickly and actively into such a complex project as the Integrated Operational and Support Data project. Colleagues from IXTENT were able to take overall responsibility for separate agendas, which they managed to complete within the required deadlines”.