About company

Tymphany company is the global leader in design and manufacture of audio systems, headphones, acoustic modules and controls.

Initial situation

Tymphany company’s licence for the Kofax platform expired. On this occasion they asked the consultants from IXTENT company to prepare a proposal of a new technical solution taking into account the need of its installation in the local data centre.


After having performed an analysis, the implementation team recommended a change of the platform to a more modern and economical variant – the OpenText Capture Center, which is the choice number one for digitalisation of scanned documents.

Subsequently, they performed the Kofax platform migration to the local data centre. As the target system for migration of the solution, they used the OpenText Capture Center product which was then customized upon request from the customer. The IXTENT development team set high-level checks within the process of invoice validation. The supplied solution maintains the previous SAP integration.

What is the Capture Center used for?

It is a tool for collecting and interpretation of all forms of content, from paper to digital, ensuring improvement of business processes and data quality.