About company

Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna is a specialist on financial planning. It offers products from the area of mortgages, saving accounts, investments, everyday banking and insurance. With its extensive team of financial advisors, it has been preparing financial plans for its customers for 25 years.

Mutual cooperation

IXTENT company have been cooperating with MPSS for many years. The cooperation started in 2007 when IXTENT migrated the e-Archive due to the changes in the ownership structure of the savings bank.

In 2009 the cooperation continued on the project of data box message archiving. In this solution IXTENT used its own product – ISDS Connector.

Year 2012 brought another implementation – electronic processing and archiving of economic documents, such as contracts, orders and invoices. This step was a logical use of the previously introduced electronic archive for other types of documents.

Another new project came soon. In 2014 MPSS asked IXTENT to extend the current electronic archive by so-called biometric archive in which the archived documents are complemented with the biometric signature of the client.

Current project

MPSS uses the OpenText technologies with all the required functionalities for legislative security and long-term trustworthiness. In the recent days there was an upgrade made on the OpenText platform in the 16th series. It is the third upgraded provided by IXTENT company.

Future prospect

Modrá pyramida is a modern digital company which has been developing constantly in this respect. Currently it is cooperating with IXTENT on an innovative project which also includes e-Archive.