In today’s technically advanced world, organizations are expected to be able to provide easy access to documents, regardless of the type of file or device they use. At the same time, businesspeople want to protect their corporate content from unauthorized access, editing and downloading by unauthorized persons.
How can organizations find a balance between the availability and security of their files? The solution is simple – using Brava! from OpenTexT. This tool provides access to content in virtually all formats – including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, image files, CAD drawings, 3D models, and even video clips – without editing or downloading the source file. It allows employees to view the content they need, collaborate with colleagues or external entities, all within the framework of business rules, and compliance with regulations on safe working with internal documents.

Users can add notes and work together using the Brava! editing tools. They can create new transfer files such as PDF or TIFF – process sensitive data in a new file – easily share them with external recipients and add their electronic signatures.

Customizability, scalability, and minimum training requirements for users enable fast deployment and use of software in any business environment. The software eliminates the need to install native applications on every desktop and is compatible with all major web browsers, so it works on PCs, Macs and most smartphones and tablets.

OpenText Brava! allows:
• Increased operational efficiency and cost savings by using one application for viewing and collaborating on all documents
• Faster reviewing and approving of documents, shortening processing times, so projects are faster
• Provides protection for sensitive information and meets data security requirements for the GDPR regulation

Practical examples:
Company phone directory

  • The ability to edit sensitive data (a tool for mass blackout of phone numbers (emails/dates of birth) on the list of employees; on the contrary, selected contacts can be left in the file (if we only want to provide some contacts to our colleagues)

Healthcare – medical reports

  • The ability to edit using scripts – delete various different patient details that we do not want to give to a third party

Video – working with the system

Sample of modified document

Brava! is a leading universal enterprise content management (ECM) browser, includes a robust set of features and seamless integration into ECM systems, including OpenText Content Suite, Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText Documentum Webtop and D2, and IBM FileNet and Content Navigator.

Ask us about Brava! solutions today, our consultants will prepare a solution compatible with GDPR for your business.