Have you heard of the Core product? No?

Savinay Berry, Vice-President of OpenText, included the unique OpenText software in his presentation at the Innovation Tour event in Munich. For example, he showed the conference participants in his practical demonstration how easy it is in Core to mark a piece of music and send it to a colleague without a complicated explanation of where the critical point is and what should be done with it. Also, how easy and effective it is to mark where details need to be edited on part of a photo for a graphic artist, without a long explanation where the part is located. It is possible to assign roles to the individual users of this cloud solution – “to read”, “to edit”, “document manager” … etc.

Let’s take a look at the Core product in more detail. Core enables employees to easily share corporate content while providing IT managers with visibility and security controls, which is a challenge for many companies. OpenText Core is a simple yet safe way for users to share or synchronize information and work on any device. The SaaS application is cost-effective and provides IT with a rich set of features that ensure security and control. OpenText Core is compatible with the OpenText™ Content Suite and OpenText™ Documentum™, which contribute to a holistic information management strategy that focuses on user needs in individual organizations. By integrating the Core product with OpenText Content Suite and Documentum, you can extend the value and functionality of an existing ECM by adding cloud share and collaboration capabilities. Core provides employees, customers, partners and suppliers with a secure space for collaboration.

Core allows:

  • Easily access the primary features of OpenText Core directly from the Content Suite Smart UI and Documentum.
  • Keep original documents aside from drafts and versions created during collaboration with external parties.
  • Shared content can be downloaded at any time within the ECM. It provides controlled cooperation created for business purposes. File sharing and the ability to collaborate help users perform their work while adhering to organizational principles for information management and security.
  • Clear workflow efficiency by adding a structure of document processes to simplify everyday tasks.
  • Deep integration with Microsoft® provides support for saving emails and attachments to Outlook® and for collaborating with Office 365®.
  • Native mobile applications are supported on many devices. IT and administrative management of OpenText Core is based on the SaaS model so it can be set up and ready to use within minutes. It includes everything you need to secure your private information while eliminating the cost and IT resources needed to install and maintain the environment for collaboration in the cloud.
  • Dashboards and report summaries provide administrators with key information, including storage usage by user, file type, and overall system activity.
  • User management allows administrators to create accounts, manage access, allocate user storage quotas, lock and disable accounts, and view connected users and devices, and remotely erase local content on mobile devices.

Video – product interview

OpenText Core helps users securely share files and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners. For Content Suite and Documentum customers, Core adds secure content sharing and collaboration beyond the corporate firewall. Combining the flexibility of Core with the processing stability and performance of back-office ECM allows users to collaborate more easily and work more efficiently.

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