Automation of background materials for production

Mathys AG Bettlach
About the customer

Mathys, a company with a tradition since 1946 (in medical technology since 1958), which deals with the development, production and distribution of joint replacements and bone grafts for use in sports medicine. Mathys AG has even participated in the development of a method for the treatment of a torn ACL, using an implant to save the frontal ACL and allow it to regenerate. The activity of the Swiss company is worldwide with more than 500 employees.

The challenge for IXTENT

The requirement from the medical company Mathys was to provide an automated system for grouping all the background materials needed to produce a particular item.
The customer development was preceded by the installation of an archive (archiving the OpenText platform for SAP). IXTENT’s solution also included customization of the OpenText product to the customer’s level and then further develop the functionality beyond the platform.
The end of the successful project brought with it automatic completion of production orders. Once an order is entered into the system, the operator receives a list of items (including drawings or other attachments) required for entering into production. The benefit for Mathys is not only an automated print out of the complete background material for production, but also a saving on the work/time of employees, including a reduction in the operating costs of the company’s owner.
The duration of the project falls in the first quarter of 2018. It was a 10-day off-site project (performed remotely).

What is OpenText Suite for SAP?

OpenText Suite for SAP is a unique software that provides a comprehensive view of business value. Thanks to its easy integration into the corporate architecture and the ability to use an innovative strategy, it delivers content in a context without disturbing its lifecycle.
With a growing productive SAP database, consumption of resources and administration work also increase, while the performance of the system deteriorates. OpenText ™ data archiving for SAP® solutions helps manage large SAP databases and provides permanent access to historical data. It safely saves data on a long-term archive platform. Users access these data directly from the SAP user interface. The solution is fully integrated with SAP applications, extending the value of standard data archiving in SAP. The solution also supports SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management. Reducing backup and recovery times can reduce administrative costs, minimize hardware costs and shorten the time needed to implement SAP OpenText data archiving upgrades.

OpenText data archiving for SAP solutions:

  • Reduce backup and restore time;
  • Reduce administrative and hardware costs;
  • Reduce the time needed to implement SAP upgrades;
  • Ensure compliance and reduce the security risk of long-term SAP data archiving;
  • Improve SAP performance, reduce system response time and availability;
  • Reduce management and resource requirements in the SAP database;
  • Provide instant access to historical data in a business context;
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the SAP system.