Discover OpenText™ Magellan

We live in modern times, whose progress cannot be stopped. It is no different in the field of digitization. Companies can easily store endless amounts of data from all possible industries. Electronic archiving tools are more affordable than they were a few years ago. Gathered information can be used by companies in a competitive fight, because he who works more efficiently, works cheaper; he who is better informed, has the undisputed advantage ... However, a question arises as to how to systematically orientate oneself around such gigantic amounts of data, or rather - how to efficiently extract and analyze these data, and use them to predict, as this task requires expert knowledge in the fields of data science and programming - primarily to be able to determine data patterns, relevant knowledge, and program timely reporting of these findings in a useful way.

Have you heard about the upcoming product OpenText™ Magellan? It is a flexible and integrated platform for analysis based on an Artificial Intelligence platform. The platform combines machine search with advanced analytical technologies and the ability to manage large amounts of data stored in Enterprise Information Management. Magellan offers faster and more qualified decision-making on a scale enabling automated decision-making to help optimize business operations.

The use of Artificial Intelligence unlocks the value of EIM (Enterprise Information Management) data - it is possible to analyze customers, partners, employees, orders, invoices, documents through OpenText solutions. Magellan processes structured (in business processes) and unstructured (in documents) data types and formats. The modern capabilities of Artificial Intelligence allow you to create analytical and predictive algorithms in the data area, which users can then utilize to answer almost any relevant question. The advantage of Magellan is that it allows access to information for employees throughout the organization. It is based on the OpenText Analytics platform, which is characterized by a visually appealing environment and user-friendly analyses.

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