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Report from the webinar 16. 03. 2018

We are currently preparing a new webinar for you. Join us in preparation, let us know your preferences through our e-mail, web, facebook or LinkedIn, the most desired topic for you will be processed as another IXTENT webinar!

New software versions 16. 03. 2018

We bring you an up-to-date overview of selected OpenText software products.

Discover OpenText™ Magellan 16. 03. 2018

We live in modern times, whose progress cannot be stopped. It is no different in the field of digitization. Companies can easily store endless amounts of data from all possible industries. Electronic archiving tools are more affordable than they were a few years ago.

OpenText news 16. 03. 2018

Among February's OpenText news belongs, the Content Suite connects to OpenText Core, further extends of Enterprise Connect capabilities, adding of Edge support, or view information in Outlook that the emails were stored in Content Suite.

What does Support Services do? 15. 03. 2018

Support Services provides: maintenance of OpenText software and application support. Our services include these activities ...

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